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List of 3 Best Laptops under 40000 INR!

Laptops are really required while doing our routine stuff and Laptops under the cost of 40000 INR includes some of the amazing features and you may also get some options of Laptops with the touchscreen facility. There are numerous options of a laptop from different brands in the electronic market.


HP 15-Ay008tx

First in the list is the HP Laptop which will cost you around 38,990INR in the Indian market and may have an Intel Core i5 processor of 6th generation with speed up to 2.8 GHz. This laptop has a 4 GB RAM size that is available with M430 2GB graphics card. It has a display screen size of 15.6 Inches with the resolution of 1366*768 px. It includes a weight of 2.3 kg with the DOS operating system and you will get the laptop with 1 year of warranty from the Dell.

Best features of the Laptop:-

  • It includes a 6th generation processor.
  • It has 4 GB RAM with 2 GB Graphics which is really good for gamers.

Lenovo G50-80

Second in the list is the Lenovo G50-80 Laptop which may cost you around 36,990 INR in the Indian market and has an Intel Core i5 processor of the 5th generation. It also has 8 GB RAM with the laptop which will give you high-speed performance of the laptop with multiple applications that are running simultaneously. It includes a display screen size of 15.6 inches with the resolution of 1366*768 px. It also has 2 speakers of 1.5 W which are actually stereo speakers. It has a total weight of 2.5 kgs. It has one USB 3.0 port and 2 USB 2.0 port for high-speed file sharing with the laptop. This laptop has 1 TB hard disk drive to store much of your personal as well as professional data in the laptop itself along with the movies, music, pictures etc. It comes with DOS operating system and 1-year onsite warranty of the laptop if you buy it through some online shopping sites.


Best features of the Laptop:-

  • It includes 8 GB RAM for high performance and efficiency
  • It has USB 3.0 port for high-speed file sharing through the laptop
  • It also has HD webcam for video calling

Asus A555LF

Asus is the next laptop in the category which you may get with the price tag of 38,500 INR in Indian market with some online shopping site. You will get the laptop with the Intel Core i3 processor of the 5th generation. It includes a RAM size of 8 GB which is more than sufficient for multitasking and high-speed gaming along with the high-speed action scenes from the movies; it has sufficient space which can be used as a virtual memory when required. It also has windows 10 operating system of 64 bit. It also includes 1 TB hard disk drive through which you can store multiple data. It also has a display screen size of 15.6 inches with the resolution of 1366*768 px. It also has built-in speakers and microphone for video calling. It has a total weight of 2.3 kgs. It comes with 2 years of warranty period whether it’s domestic or international.

Best features of the Laptop:-

  • It has 1 TB hard disk to store data
  • It also includes 8 GB RAM for multitasking and speed communication.


Features Available In A Microwave Oven


Microwave Ovens are the very important kitchen appliances that one needs or want to buy. They provide us better and fast cooking results. Healthy food can be cooked in a microwave and it preserves all the nutrients in the food as well. Check out some microwave ovens in India in 2016 along with their price list.


1) Controls

Microwave stove open today keeps running with gatherings of keypad control choices. This control has keys for auto works that give you minute cooking of sustenance in this way, save your time.

2) Based on plan

There are microwave stoves made with different segments. They give you a newly pushed strategy for cooking in this way, makes your cooking less asking for and brilliant. There are in like way understood the model that are settled in your kitchen and you need to take them from here and there. The way it looks and works all depend on upon the strategy of the microwave. Hence, one should pick it commendably.

3) Features

Diverse new pushed parts are presented inside microwave stoves. These are auto-cook, brisk defrost, youth locks, sensors, in this way on which makes cooking an extraordinary measure less requesting you. In like way, clear cleaning choices are shown in new microwave stove models, for instance, steam clean which uses steam to clean the microwave practically.

4) Efficiency

Adequacy is the central part that should be accessible in a microwave. This picks how much criticalness will be misused while cooking. Cooking in standard stoves is really novel and that is the reason the capacity of these sorts of microwave ovens is a little to asses.

5) Turn Table

As I have said sometimes to start late, newly pushed microwave appear on the market so close to the new portions, a couple of additional things are what’s more given, for instance, a turn table. A turn table serves to streams warm waves through all way to the sustenance. Along these lines, it is continually better to keep running with a turn table decision.

Water Heater | Buying Guide


Water Geysers: A Buying Guide

  1. If your water radiator’s lifetime has ended then you need to buy another for your home. Overall, for the water radiators in the home, it is hard to keep working with a reliable supply of hard water. By some methods, they bomb inside the certification time allotment.
  2. If it’s been a long time that you haven’t purchased another then you have distinctive assorted choices open in the market. These water radiators are imperativeness capable thusly saves a significant measure of essentialness and results in a limited bill.
  3. The new water warmers will give a 4 percent help inadequacy, while a water radiator of 55 gallons or more hacks down the power bills upto50 percent. That thoroughly depends on upon the development used.
  4. It’s insightful to guide a specialist or a maker to totally appreciate the new controls. Note: We don’t at present have Water Heater Ratings, however, can offer this obtaining guide, which contains pleasing tips and appeal.
  5. It will be an OK decision to insight some person who is capable this electrical or equipment field. Furthermore, with the help of some individual with this capacity field, you’ll have the ability to fathom the new terms and headings.
  6. Most of the overall public look whether the water radiator holds the satisfactory measure of water or not. Various families have no under 3-4 people and they require no under 100 gallons of water for different uses including restroom and dishwashers et cetera yet in the meantime t doesn’t suggest that they need to store water in a 100 gallons tank.
  7. It’s more basic to consider the essential hour rating(FHR) for tank water radiators and gallons each minute ratings(GPM) for tankless water warmers. They will tell you how much bubbling boiling point water is passed on by the radiator over a particular time span. All the latest water radiators give you sufficient bubbling boiling point water in a brief time span.

Here, we provide you with Top10 Water Heater’s Price List.

My Jio Apk Download

It is good idea to use a free JIO 4G sim with our 4G Smartphone. There is a lot of benefits offers by jio 4G as you get unlimited calling and internet for free hence, JIO 4G is one of the latest 4G Sim nowadays. MyJIO APK is the file of Jio app, and this APK can be downloaded from the Google playstore.

jio apk

In case if it is not available in Google PlayStore you can go directly search the APK in Google. So, to know more information about MyJIO APK go through the article and follow all the instruction which is given below.

How to Download and Install MyJio Apk

To Download and install MyJIO APK follow the below-given steps.

  • To download MyJIO APK first go to the Google search and type the name of the APK and there will be many sites appearing on your screen.
  • As you enter any of the sites, there will be a download option, if the APK file is available.
  • Now, by clicking the download option automatically, your downloading will be accessed.
  • If your downloading is completed, you can start an installation of MYJIO APK on your device.
  • Now to install open the APK file from your Android device.
  • After that allow the exterior sources to install the downloaded file.
  • Finally, now you can install the APK file of MYJIO app on your device, and as soon as the installation is completed, there will be an icon appearing on your home screen. You just tap the icon, and you are free to enjoy MYJIO App.

How to generate JIO bar code of MyJIO App 3.2.05 version


  • To create My jio app 3.2.05 version on your device first, you required downloading the APK file.
  • After downloading the APK, you need to install the APK file on your Android Device. But it is vital to keep disabled auto updates of your Jio app.
  • Now if your installation is completed, you just restart your Android device once.
  • After installation, now, you need to disable your wifi network or data connection.
  • Without any internet connection open MyJio app where you will see  ‘’Get JIO SIM.”
  • Now by enabling your Wifi network or any internet connection click the ’’ Get JIO SIM’ option.
  • Right after that, you will be asked to verify your Android phone number, just provide your number.
  • You will receive a message of JIO Barcode on your verifying phone number. So, you need to print out the JIO barcode which has been sending over to you and now, visit any of the Reliance stores along with your relevant document.
  • As soon as you place the barcode and with your relevant documents to the reliance store. You will be given a new 4G JIO Sim, but you will have to wait a few days to activate your JIO SIM.
  • Now, once the sim gets active, you can enjoy all the facilities offers of JIO 4G.

As I have discussed in the above regarding MY JIO APK, I hope you enjoy reading the article without any problems. Hence, if you have any doubts, please do share or comments in the bellow comments box.

Get WhatsApp for PC

If you are using a smart phone then you must know about whatsapp. These days after buying a new phone the first thing people does is to install new apps and whatsapp comes in the top list in among those top installed app.

Whatsapp is basically a messenger service which is a cross platform mobile messaging app which allows us to exchange messages with other people by using internet as a medium, not only messages, we can share voice messages, images, videos and documents too. Whatsapp was made for the smart phones only but now you can use whatsapp from your PC too.


How to use whatsapp in PC

Whatsapp has become world’s top messaging service for its unique features and user friendly accessibilities. When it comes to online messaging apps, we can’t even think about any other app than whatsapp. Many places are there where we can’t use our mobile phones but can use laptop or PC. What if we want to contact or chat with someone from the contacts of our whatsapp? There is always a way out by which we can do whatsapp from our PC too. There are many way out to use whatsapp from PC but among them three of the most common, safe and easy procedures are given below.


  • Whatsapp on PC using Android Emulator


There are many android emulator present in the market, by using them we can we can access all the facilities of android in our PC. Among all the android emulators’ most useful android emulators are Koplayer and Bluestacks Emulator.

We can download the exe files of those android emulators from their registered websites or by searching in web. We need to download the set up file first. Then we need to run and install in our PC. once it is done we can open the app and access Google play store by registering there using our Gmail. After that we can download and install whatsapp in our PC and can avail all the facilities of whatsapp.


  • Whatsapp on PC using Web WhatsApp


Recently whatsapp officially launched their web version for whatsapp. Though this web version supports all the web browsers but I personally recommend using Google chrome for that as it is the most suitable browser to access it. You will get an extension of whatsapp in chrome, add it in extension, open it and it will ask you to scan a barcode. Once you will scan the code, you will be logged in automatically by the whatsapp number you use. To avail this feature you must keep your phone with you along with a good alternate internet connection. Though all the features of whatsapp is not supported here but you can use most of the features.


  • Whatsapp on PC using software


Few software companies have developed many software’s by which you can use whatsapp in your PC. You need to download the exe file first which you will get easily from web. Then run the software and once you are done a shortcut icon will appear in your desktop. Double click on the icon and it will show and ask you to scan a barcode from your mobile.

After scanning the barcode you will automatically get connected to the whatsapp. Though everything is same here like the web version of whatsapp but there are some feature which is not supported by the web version, but you can get them all using the software.


As whatsapp has become the most important messenger service and almost everyone of us is using whatsapp so it’s necessary to know how to use it using a PC. Many people are there who can’t use mobile phones in their offices or college lab but can use a PC.

So this is the best solution to do whatsapp using PC and moreover using a PC and mobile phone at the same time is quite disturbing and time consuming. So hope whatsapp for PC will be helpful to them.