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The finest natural weight loss drinks that are refreshing and taste really well!

Weight loss has become a trend nowadays with the increasing levels of stress as well as the pressure of work. This stress, pressure and the workload tend to make people fat when it is accompanied by bad food habits. A lot of people these days are anxious to know whether sweating it out in the gym is a better way of shedding that stubborn fat on the belly region or lost by just relaxing and consuming those slimming products as well as the health drinks.

Therefore, I must tell you, there is no precise science that leads you to the mighty doors of weight loss. Catch a bunch of prevalent doctors and nutrition experts at one place, and a lot of them are going to disagree on the finest manner to get rid of those stubborn pounds that make you look filthy and out of shape.

A few might be fond of the Paleo method, and a lot of other people might be fond of consuming a low sugar nutrition, and some of the fitness fond people may like to consume organic food, which is the anti-meat method. Just about everyone is going to agree, though, that we must be engrossed with consuming the whole foods and be on a move more often.

The whole foods are the foods that are anything deprived of a nourishment tag. The whole foods may be anything like the fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts, beef, beans, legumes, etc. The healthy Weight loss drinks that we are going to state here aren’t readymade, packed weight loss juices; they are just formulated or blended with the help of whole foods. They moreover taste really good and are packed up with digestion-improving and energy-providing elements and the vital vitamins.

Chia and Coconut Water Smoothie

This chia smoothie assists in limiting unnatural food cravings, and tastes really fresh having elements such as celery, apple, and the refreshing coconut water.

Dr. Oz’s Green Drink Recipe

This amazing green colored juice is an alarm which is packed with the essential vitamins that are derived from the apples as well as spinach, parsley, and lemon, which assists in cleaning you up and works as a nice detox.

Watermelon and Mint Water

Impeccable for summertime, mint juice along with watermelon tastes really fabulous, hydrates your body, and assists your ingestion.

Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Tonic

The Apple cider vinegar comprising of stevia, v and a squish of lemon formulates this frivolously flavored natural health drink for any time of the day.

Sweet Beet Detox Juice Recipe

The elements such as beets, berries, and the flaxseeds have been put into this detoxifying juice, which fills the body up through good nourishment and helps your liver in cleaning you inside out.

Top 5 Fitness apps to track your body everytime

In today’s busy life followed by a busy schedule, staying healthy and fit has become a necessity. And to stay fit and healthy we need to do some exercise or workout. It’s not necessary that for work out we must need to join a gym.

All we need is a good instructor who can guide us properly. But if we own a smart phone then we don’t need an instructor too. There are so many apps which can guide us to stay fit. All we need to do is to install those apps in our phones and to follow the instructions. Many fitness apps are available in the market. Among them top five fitness apps are



  • DigifitiCardio

This app is available in both android and iOS. Whenever you will need a perfect workout without instructor accelerometers or GPS are not enough for this. You will need a heart rate monitor. Though it is a free app but it requires a compatible heart rate monitor which cost around $50 to $100. You will be needed an additional app too which can access the information it collects. Download the iCardio app and pair it with the heart rate monitor so that it can track your runs, cycling and the rest workouts. By tracking all your details you can work out every day with a proper guide.

  • YogaStudio

Many people are there those who prefer doing yoga in the early morning. If you need a complete yoga guide in your smart phone, then yoga studio is the best app for you. This app offers total 65 yoga and meditation classes along with approximate 300 individual poses. Once you will install the app it will track your progress, will mark your favorites and provides schedule workouts for future. The app provides videos too, so that you can do everything perfectly. This app is available only for iOS users and need to buy. The app cost $4 which is affordable.

  • Strava

If you are looking for an app which can guide you in cycling then it is the best app. this app basically works by tracking the GPS and time and gives feedback depending upon your works. The best thing is you can see your friends those who love to do cycling and can see their track records too and can comment on their rides and they also can do the same. It is fun.

  • MapMyRun

If you your favorite workout are to walk, run or jogging or you want to start your workout by any of these three then this is the perfect app for you. This app monitors your GPS, time log, daily activity and the amount of calories you burnt and provides you a report by which you can see your progress. The main feature of the app is there is a community of it where you can be friends with them too and can share your progress and can ask for tips too.

  • FitTag

If you want to do free hand exercise at home or in gym this is the best app for you. Fitness minded people around the globe posts here. The main motto of the app is to create a visual guide which can help others. This app challenges its users with 100 days challenge which they should complete in 100 days and they can capture and share videos too while doing the challenge. It motivates other users too.


Doesn’t matter how you workout, workout always helps to maintain a good health. The more you will be heath conscious the more you will stay fit. And if you are unable to go to gym them you can do almost all the free hand workouts with the help of these apps. These apps plays a vital role in fitness.